Sl.No.Case NatureCase No.Case YearPetitionerRespondentFiling DateStatus
1Revenue Appeal42008RAMASHARYA RAMSTATE OF BIHAR05/07/2008 Status
2Revenue Appeal92015SHYAM BIHARI PRASADSTATE OF BIHAR23/03/2015 Status
3Revenue Appeal252019SHAMBHU NATH GUPTAState of Bihar26/08/2019 Status
4Revenue Appeal262019KATHAR RAMSTATE OF BIHAR13/08/2019 Status
5Revenue Appeal112020SANJAY KUMAR SINGHSTATE OF BIHAR19/01/2021 Status
6Revenue Appeal122020LALAN PRASADSTATE OF BIHAR31/10/2020 Status
7Revenue Appeal182020BHOLA SINGHSTATE OF BIHAR03/07/2020 Status
8Revenue Appeal12021SHIV KUMAR SINGHSTATE OF BIHAR01/02/2021 Status
9Revenue Appeal32021NAWAL KISHOR SINGHSTATE OF BIHAR03/03/2021 Status
10Revenue Appeal142021UPENDRA OJHASTATE OF BIHAR30/12/2020 Status
11Revenue Appeal192021SHIV KUMAR SINGHSTATE OF BIHAR01/02/2021 Status

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