Sl.No.Case NatureCase No.Case YearPetitionerRespondentFiling DateStatus
1Revenue Misc.142011STATE OF BIHARRAM LAKHAN SINGH16/08/2011 Status
2Revenue Misc.322011BIHARI RAMSTATE OF BIHAR22/11/2011 Status
3Revenue Misc.12014STATE OF BIHARSANJEEV KUMAR SINGH19/08/2014 Status
4Revenue Misc.22015STATE OF BIHARBIHARI LAL22/07/2015 Status
5Revenue Misc.52015STATE OF BIHARUDAY NARAYAN SINGH20/08/2015 Status
6Revenue Misc.52016STATE OF BIHARBALDEV SAH10/06/2016 Status
7Revenue Misc.62016STATE OF BIHARKEDAR PRASAD OTHER25/10/2016 Status
8Revenue Misc.72016STATE OF BIHARURMILA DEVI08/09/2016 Status
9Revenue Misc.82016STATE OF BIHARGANESH PRASAD GUPTA09/12/2016 Status
10Revenue Misc.102016STATE OF BIHARAMIT KUMAR05/10/2016 Status
11Revenue Misc.112016STATE OF BIHARRANJEET SAH28/09/2016 Status
12Revenue Misc.122016STATE OF BIHARKAMLAWATI DEVI26/12/2015 Status
13Revenue Misc.12017STATE OF BIHARSHIVLAL SINGH16/11/2016 Status
14Revenue Misc.22017STATE OF BIHARSANJAY YADAV30/03/2017 Status
15Revenue Misc.42017STATE OF BIHARRANJEET SINGH01/06/2017 Status
16Revenue Misc.52017STATE OF BIHARMOHAN TIWARI08/02/2017 Status
17Revenue Misc.62017STATE OF BIHARSANJAY KUMAR SHUKLA10/06/2017 Status
18Revenue Misc.82017STATE OF BIHARVIJENDRA KUMAR SINGH18/07/2012 Status
19Revenue Misc.92017STATE OF BIHARGORKH RAM04/07/2017 Status
20Revenue Misc.132017STATE OF BIHARBANTI KUMAR26/03/2013 Status
21Revenue Misc.142017STATE OF BIHARGANESH RAM26/09/2017 Status
22Revenue Misc.162017STATE OF BIHARRAMESH KUMAR13/11/2017 Status
23Revenue Misc.172017STATE OF BIHARKAMLESH KUMAR22/09/2017 Status
24Revenue Misc.192017STATE OF BIHARJANARDHAN SINGH01/12/2017 Status
25Revenue Misc.252017STATE OF BIHARKAMTA PANDEY18/10/2017 Status
26Revenue Misc.32018STATE OF BIHARBINKATESH RAI10/01/2018 Status
27Revenue Misc.152018STATE OF BIHARDINESH PANDEY21/07/2018 Status
28Revenue Misc.12019STATE OF BIHAROMKAR JEE OTHER06/08/2019 Status
29Revenue Misc.22019STATE OF BIHARMOLI SINGH06/08/2019 Status
30Revenue Misc.42019STATE OF BIHARUNKNOWN21/08/2019 Status
31Revenue Misc.62019STATE OF BIHARANIL KUMAR SAH19/11/2019 Status
32Revenue Misc.72019STATE OF BIHARUNKNOWN10/12/2019 Status
33Revenue Misc.132019SACHIDANAND KUMAR SINGHRAJ BAHADUR SINGH06/08/2019 Status
34Revenue Misc.12020STATE OF BIHARDAYANAND SINGH22/05/2020 Status
35Revenue Misc.22020STATE OF BIHARRAVI MAHTO18/03/2020 Status
36Revenue Misc.32020STATE OF BIHARRAMJEE SINGH URF PAPPU SINGH22/05/2020 Status
37Revenue Misc.52020STATE OF BIHARANAND SHANKAR PRASAD OTHER19/11/2020 Status
38Revenue Misc.12021STATE OF BIHARSUSHIL KUMAR RAM04/02/2021 Status
39Revenue Misc.22021STATE OF BIHARSHIV DAYAL SINGH13/03/2021 Status

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