Sl.No.Case NatureTotal
1Aganbadi Appeal 117
2Appurti Appeal 108
3Arms Appeal 1
4ASHA Appeal 1
5Bhoodan Yagna Appeal 2
6Bhu Arjan Appeal 2
7Certificate Revision 8
8Encroachment Appeal 79
9Essential Commidities Act, Appeal 72
10Forest Encroachment Appeal 1
11Jamabandi Cancellation Appeal 148
12Khanan Appeal 2
13Land Celing Appeal 15
14Miscellaneous Appeal 30
15Mutation Revision 3
16Others 31
17Registration Appeal 16
18Revenue Appeal 35
19Revenue Misc. 1
20Service Appeal 9
21Utpad Appeal 285
22Vaasgeet Parcha Appeal 83
23Vidyut Appeal 1

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